Personal Narrative: My First Police Ride

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This ride along was a perfect opportunity to get a closer look at my local police force and understand what exactly police officers do. When I heard about this opportunity I was a little hesitant because when I picture a ride along I automatically think danger. So when I got the email saying that my ride along with University of Maryland Police Department was schedule for December 6th at 6pm, I realized it was exactly happening. When I was walking to the station it was raining so I knew there were going to be possible accidents because people tend to drive worse when its raining. So I walked in to the station and walked over to the service window and was told to fill out the Ride along consent and release agreement form. My officer was out on a call and I was told to be set and that he would be there shortly. …show more content…
Where I come from police aren’t seen as the good guys. I was so nervous that my palms were sweating and my heart was racing. I knew I had nothing to worry about but just being in the presence of police was frightening. A little over a half and hour officer Pfau walks in and I followed him out to the squad car. I was scared again because I never in my life wanted to be inside a police car. But I got in and after a few minutes my nerves clam down. Officer Pfau is a young officer over having a little under a year of experience, but he takes his job seriously and has a great sense of humor. One of his biggest challenges that he personally faces is not being able to staying on top of new criminal

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