Personal Narrative: My Dog Woren

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When I found out my dog Woren died

It was a nice sunny day, my dad had just dropped me off cus I had stayed the night at his house. My mom and step dad wher werking in the garden, and my little sister was playing in the mud. Before I left to go to my dad's house, my dog woren was not doing so good at all, so I whent to the garden to ask my dad how Woren was. When I got to the garden they were planting seeds, I asked my dad “how is Woren doing” all my dad sed was. “ you will see”. I was confused I did not know what he meant. I did not stress
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Then my mom sed “Justein and Gracie are coming over today and maybe they can spend the night to” I was so happy my best friends are spending the night. But then right before I went to go clean my room so it was clean for my friends my mom sed “come sit down for a seck” so I did. Then my mom sed “Woren was doing so bad ,and he was in so much pain we had to put him to sleep” my mom's eyes were starting to tear up so were mine, then we started to cry. We cried so hard my dad came and hugged us. As I was crying all that I could think about was Woren. The only thing I could see in my head was my mom holding Woren the vet then sticking a needle in him ,and then my mom watching the life fade from Women's eyes. I love Worne he has been with me ever since I was born, he would sleep under my crib when I was A baby to. But all that keep coming back to my head was how I could never pet his soft fer ever again , or see him in person ever again.
When I was done crying my mom got the box that Worens ashes were in (cus they cremated Woren) ,and she let me hold Worn, but once more I started to cry ,so did my mom. Me and my mom had a long talk on how sick Worn was ,and how they had to put him down. After the talk we had my mom set off to pick up my 2 friends Justein ,and Gracie ,and I went inside the house so I could clean my room. When I was up in my room I did not get much cleaned up cus all I could think about was Woren. When I was done with cleaning my room my mom pulled into the driveway with Gracie and

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