Narrative Essay On Metamorphosis

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Transformation can be described as a change over time, however, transformation isn’t the term I would use to define my sudden “change”. My alteration wasn’t as depraved as most individuals who had gone through possibly worse, however, my adjustment was my own, meaning I didn’t know how to handle the situation around that time, nor did I know that this was going to be a turning point in my life. I can confirm that my “change” was mostly like a metamorphosis.
A metamorphosis, was my way of being able to name my current situation and transformation at the time. My situation had turned me from a young innocent child into a young adult, faster than I had wanted to. When I was a young child, I remember being able to live and have fun, as if no care in the world. Before my situation, I remember being a child who would play in her favorite playground and would live each day with such excitement and love. That was basically the life of any child, just to have fun and laugh while you can, before life hits you with hard reality. My hard reality occurred when I was a child, in elementary beginning to notice that my health was failing, forcing me to change and adapt to new conflicts and brace myself for new solutions. What I mean as to brace myself, I meant, as a kid I was very clumsy and
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I knew at a young age, that I had so much to do with my life. I know that I put individuals I love in pain just by the sight of my treatment, however, after my experiences I decided to live each day without a regret, trying to catch up with all those days spent in the hospital. It may sound cliché but those experiences shaped me by teaching me lessons that were too early for even a child to learn and understand, but I am glad that I have those experiences that taught me, how to

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