Narrative Essay On I Am Death

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Everyday I am greeted by the memories of former lives. For some, I come too soon and for others, not soon enough. No one wants to meet me, but eventually their time will come. I am the one who breaks families apart. People view me a terrible thing who has no feelings. While they are right about me having no feelings, I am not terrible. Personally I see myself as a fair being who is just doing their job. My job is not an easy one. For I am Death, The one every person fears. From the mightiest of heroes to the lowest of the lows. Nothing can stop a person from attending their meeting with me.
One fact about me: I always find amusement from the lives of humans. It fascinates me of how they will do anything just so they won’t have to meet me.
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Her parents and an older brother. This brother was so loving and caring for the girl. It was him who tried anything he could to help save his sister. Even after the parents had given up, he still had hope. It bewildered me. How can he still have hope when I am knocking on the door. It was at any moment that I to take away the girl. She was a fighter, but sadly my time with them had to end. I remember looking back on the boy face as I carried his sister 's soul away. The look of hate and disgust. Obviously I knew this feeling was directed towards me. It would not be until a few years until I ran into the boy again. Even with those years passing, I knew immediately it was him when I next saw …show more content…
The boy slowly deteriorating as the disease invaded his body. There were many times where I thought that today was the day and it would be the last of his breath. Many times I could see that he was hanging on by barely anything bigger than a thread. How could this boy survive so long. This sense of stubbornness made me feel something inside of me. It was like I was cheering this boy on to live. How could I root against my own job? This boy defide that natural of the disease. It was as if he did not want to die, so he could show me up. That was what made me remember he so well. Never before had someone tried to escape me as much as him. There were many times where he could have just simply let me take him away and end his suffering. Then he started to recover his health. Soon enough he was back to normal. I realized it was not his time and figured I must continue on. I knew at that point that the next time I did see him, It would be his

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