Descriptive Essay: Hunting For The Buffalo

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The ground was shaking. I stood still for a brief moment. It was a herd buffalo running towards a cliff. They were running through the field, as if it was away from someone. I took a second glance and saw that it was my people which the buffalo were running away from. Everyone that was in my band was chasing after the buffalo, including my daughter. Had I known that they were going on a hunt I would have gone with them. It was in that moment that I knew something didn’t feel right.
In Alberta, mid-spring was the perfect time to refine our hunting skills for the buffalo. The buffalo usually moved into plains where new spring grasses provided forage. Often my band wouldn’t follow due to a fear of snow storms, so instead we would get our means of surviving from deer and dry food. Hunting for the deer gave us great practice; they’re smaller targets, and nippy runners.
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We had been practicing here periodically for a couple weeks, but the deer still hadn’t learned to venture off somewhere new. The area was heavily concentrated with tall, thick, dark, deciduous trees which allowed us to hide easily from just a short distance away.
“Nuttah, the most important thing about hunting deer is that you don’t make any hesitations. If you hesitate for even a split second, the deer is out of your sight,” I told

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