Narrative Essay On Fear Of Driving

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“Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise” (F.E.A.R, 2018). I’ve been scared to be in Driver’s Education before the tenth grade year even began. I would say the cause of this fear, is that I had to learn how to drive a car. Not only that, I have to pass three tests to get my license. The fear of driving might’ve first come from the end of ninth grade, when I heard that I’ll be starting Driver’s Education in tenth grade. Later I’ve learned not to doubt myself in learning in any new skill especially in driving. I had Driver’s Education in the first marking. Mr. Vailancort was our Driver's Education teacher and the first day of class, he said, “All of you have to pass three tests”. In my mind, I said, …show more content…
The same thing happened with the second test but, the final exam gave me anxiety; of course I studied for it but, when I got the final exam, in my mind, I said, “This test is so freaking hard!”.
I felt that if I failed the exam, then that would be the end of me. I was also scared, that I felt like I was going to have a heart attack but, when I got the results, I scored a high C on it. I was very happy that I had passed the exam. That meant I was able to drive on the road. In late October, Mr. Vailancort give my slip in which it had the days I would drive. When I got my slip, I panicked because I had not practice driving at all. When I came home that day I said to my parents, “I got my schedule that tells when I’ll be driving with the teacher so, can you please teach me how to
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When I went on road with the teacher, I saw how the cars would move fast and don’t stop on the stop signs; I felt scared that I would hit a car and fail Driver’s Education. On the next days of praticing and driving, I would improve on my turning, speed, direction, and waiting for other cars. Even though I was improving on the road, it wasn’t good enough; I kept making mistakes, even through I knew not to do them like how I supposed to let the car go ahead of me but I went ahead instead. On my last day of driving with teacher, I went to drive in i-95; I was so nervous because I had to drive over 55 mph which was fast. Not only that, There were many cars on the road and I had to change lanes just so the teacher can see what I am good at driving. I followed the teachers inductions on the road since it was the only way I can only make it out alive. Since it was the last day, I would either get the blue slip or white slip. Since I had doubted myself, I thought I would get the white slip and would have to drive with the teacher again but, I got the blue slip. When I was handed the slip, in my mind, I said, “Wait, what? I got the blue slip?”. I was so surprised to have the blue slip. I realized that Mr. Vailandcort give me the blue slip because he saw that I was improving even through I hadn’t practiced much. I also learned that I had doubted myself the whole time when I was on the road.

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