Personal Narrative: Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence “Why did the man hit his wife?” I asked myself. This awful sight stuck in my head for more than 10 years and I still remember it as it was just yesterday. That day was a Monday just like any other day, I was walking home from school and I witnessed the horrified event in front of my neighbor’s house. He was punching and kicking her like she was just a punching bag. He didn’t stop until she passed out on the ground and the neighbors have to separate him from his wife before he deliver a killing blow. I was so horrified at this site that I ran home in tears and told my mom what happened at our neighbor 's house. She was not surprise and in shock like me, but she calming told me that this has been going on for years. I remember asking my mom “if she was getting beat like this, why in the world would she stay with this brute her husband?” My mom look at me for a second then she answered “if she don’t stay with him where else would she go?” I looked at her frighten an was about to open my mouth and ask her the next question, but she knew was I was going to ask so she stop me on my track and told me “NO” your dad is a hardworking man he doesn’t act like that. I became curious and want to know why domestic violence only happen to some family …show more content…
Seeing that not all man are brute and would use violence against their family so my research question is “What is domestic violence?” We all know the surface answer to this question, but to truly understand the elements that lead up to the answer I will explain the answer in details

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