Narrative Essay On Day After School

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So on day in august after school started I started to try to hide my homework in my locker!Over the next couple days when he checked the grade book he was like Corey did you complete that I told him yes dad I did. So I thought to myself oh shoot he is probably going to find out about it so I thought to myself again no he is not going to find out about it nah.So over the next couple of day after school he came inside I saw him in the office I was like oh shoot I know what's about to go done i'm going to get in trouble.So I went up to him and acted like nothing was wrong and he was like how was your day Corey I was like good .Then he said I need to see your teacher because it says that you got a F on your religion quiz he was like you didn't bring anything home for a quiz I was like yeah because I studied it at school in groups I thought to myself I didn't even study in class. …show more content…
But when we got into the car he chewed me butt out he said you better not ever do that again. I just kind of blew it off and said ok I won't do it again.So after a couple of days on a monday after dinner he said Corey let's get started on your homework and I said no!Then my mom came upstairs and they both started yelling at me and I push my mom a little and she said that's it i'm done we're taking you to the hospital and I remember the truck was dark in the inside with black cloth and he was on the phone with the hospital saying I have my son and he’s being very defiant and they said ok see you soon.So we got to the building and it was like a brown brick building and when we walked inside and there was a lady at the front desk and she said are you the one who called and my dad said

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