Personal Narrative: My Adoption

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It was a little after 11 pm I was helping Jiya my daughter in the bathroom when my water bag broke. I was petrified and afraid as I had been negligent in paying heed to my doctors’ advice. After repeated IVF failures this time my dream was turning a reality and at 34 weeks, I didn’t want it to slip away. I told my parents that this was it. My parents get easily overwhelmed and panic under stressful situations, and this was serious, I had got pregnant after 7 years of marriage, my husband was in the US while I stayed back to complete the adoption legalities when as luck would have it we were expecting Twins!!!!
It was a difficult pregnancy to begin with given my petite frame, but twins run in my mother’s side. It came as a surprise during my 12th week scan the sonographer said “Here, we see two heads, we have four hands, four feet, two heartbeats” I was nervously jubilant.
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I had the good fortune of being her mother now for a little over 9 months. I was made aware of my nurturing side when I had her.
We settled for the local hospital and my family Physician at the last minute, since the bigger hospital was at a distance and it was risky to travel. In our heads, we had done the whole drill of reaching the metro hospital, if at all during the day. Dreading the thought of traffic jams on that narrow stretch notorious for cars jammed up bumper to bumper in peak hours. Cut to the present scenario when we are the only ones on the streets in the dead of the night at 2

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