Narrative Essay On Canoeing Trip

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“This will be super fun.” That is what my dad said right before we went on the canoeing trip he had planned for my cousins and me. He couldn’t have been further from the truth.
It all started in the morning on that fateful Monday morning. My father and mother were in the kitchen with my grandma and grandpa talking about the newspaper lying on the table in front of them. I walked in and started to eat breakfast. As I was eating my cereal, my dad said he had a surprise for everyone. He wasn’t going to tell me until my cousins came over to hear the news. As my cousins, my brother, and I waited in suspense, my dad finally said, “We are going canoeing tomorrow!” He said it with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but to believe him. That night I slept dreaming of water hitting my canoe and the wind on my face. I dreamt of canoe races and me winning all of them. I had such amazing ideas of what was going to happen the next day that I forgot to think about the negatives. Unfortunately, the worst possible scenario happened and has scared me for the past two years of my life. The next day my dad, my mom, my cousins, my brother, and I went out to
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She would tell me to go one way and I would not understand her and go the wrong way. The problem wasn’t that we didn’t communicate well, she did that just fine. She could talk for thirty minutes before having to take a breath. No, the problem was in the steering of the canoe. I thought that the person in the front was in charge of steering the canoe. I was very wrong, in fact, it was me who was supposed to be steering the canoe. I did a great job for a while, that was while I didn’t know I was the one steering. We only had a near swimming experience once while we were going over the rapids. We were going super fast. I felt like a rocket going to the moon. In reality, we were probably not even hitting ten miles an hour. After the rapids, we caught up with my dad and his

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