Narrative Essay On Building A Fort

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Narrative Essay

One day me and my cousin were sitting and wondering what to do we were 10 and didn’t really know of anything to do. Then we got an idea to take the log pile and build a fort with 2 rooms. So we started rolling and stacking, we got an old handsaw from the barn and started cutting and stacking to make it as sealed from the wind as we could. In about 1 week we had built the rooms and had just got done putting a roof made of logs on top. So we decided to see if it was air and water tight so we could sit and stay dry when it rained and so it would be warm and dry in the winter so we could sit in there and play our Gameboys and play Pokémon together. So we went to the barn again and got a 10 gallon bucket and filled it about halfway
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The next step we did was opened the doors we had made out of logs and climbed inside of the fort and saw there were only 2 places were the water had leaked in so we patched it with bark and a smaller log and some board on the inside of the fort. When we were finished we decided to test how well we had made it because we had made it so it just looked like part of the log pile so we wanted to make sure people could jump on it and it wouldn’t collapse when we were in it. So we climbed on top of the fort and jumped and jumped and nothing budged so we got more water and dumped it onto the fort again and there were still no leaks. It was getting dark so we went home and went to …show more content…
When we got done with that we decided to make our rooms our rooms so we took our knives and carved stuff into the walls of our room in the fort. I carved a surprisingly good wolf howling in my room, and my cousin carved a snake into his wall. When we were done our fort looked exactly like part of the log pile and no one could find us when we played hide and seek and when we played Pokémon on our Gameboys and we didn’t want to eat berries or we didn’t want to be bothered by anyone we went to the fort. The for when we got completely done was camouflaged with the log pile perfectly and the doors did too, on the inside we had dug enough that it was almost 5 feet tall from floor to ceiling on the inside. And on the outside it only looked like it was 2 feet tall and it looked like one solid mass of logs. We used to spend all our time making stuff for us to use in our fort and we even carved tracks for our hot wheels on the

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