Short Story Of Hymn's Dream

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Brynn’s Dream Brynn Joyce is in the 7th grade and so is her best friend Sydney Huff. Sydney has been the best basketball player in the middle school before she was in middle school. She started on the team as a 5th grader! Sydney has also led the team to the championship 2 times, and has won the championship both times.
“Sydney, I wish I was as good as you at basketball”, Brynn told Sydney. “It’s all about practice, you just have to practice until you get better, and maybe you will be as good as me”, Sydney told Brynn. “Is that how you got so good at basketball?”, asked
Brynn. “Sure is Brynn”, Sydney replied. “ Do you think you could help me and practice with me”, Brynn suggested to Sydney. “ Yeah of course but since when did you
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Sydney honestly didn’t think she could’ve got that much better, but she invited Brynn over to show her what she worked on and got better at. Sydney gave Brynn the ball right when Brynn got there and Brynn started at the 3 point line.”We never practiced 3 pointers I thought”, Sydney questioned Brynn. “ We didn’t, but I did”, Brynn replied. Brynn shot it and made it and Sydney thought it was probably luck, but Brynn made her next one too. Brynn was making almost everything so Sydney challenged Brynn to 1 on 1 game to 21 points. “ Sure why not?”, Brynn replied. So they started up the game. “You can have ball first Sydney”, Brynn told her. “Seriously, okay”, Sydney replied surprised. Sydney scored 2 points right away and then Brynn stole the ball from Sydney. Again Sydney was surprised at how much better Brynn got. “How much did you practice last night Brynn”, she asked. Brynn replied, “I stayed up until one in the morning last night because of how bad I want to be on this team. I want to feel like a winner for once in my life”. “Fair enough, but let’s keep playing”. The score was Brynn 15 and Sydney 12.”Your ball Syd”, Brynn passed her the ball. So Sydney did a nice behind the back dribble and drove towards the hoop. Just as Sydney thought she had an easy layup, Brynn came out of nowhere and blocked her shot. “I knew you got better at offense but I never knew you could play defense that well”, …show more content…
“You ready for tryouts?”, Brynn asked her. “Of course I am, this year should be great especially since you are going to be on the team”, she said. “Are you sure I’ll make it because some girls are still better than me”.”Trust me Brynn, nobody is better than what I just saw you do last night.” They met up at tryouts and took a seat while the basketball coach, Mrs.Ball, told them what was going to happen at tryouts. “We are going to be playing 5 on 5 games at hoop 1, dribbling drills at hoop 2, shooting at hoop 3, and defense at hoop 4. There are about 30 of you here so I want about 7 in one group, 7 in another group, 8 in the third group and 8 in the 4 group”, she said. “Sydney can we be in a group?”, Brynn asked. “Yeah I was planning on that anyways”. The girls made it through their first three stations and ended up at the 5 on 5 hoop for their last station. Coach Ball picked teams and Brynn and Sydney were put on different teams. Brynn really hoped she could’ve been on Sydney’s team but she figured if she played against the best player and showed coach Ball how she can play against Sydney maybe she would certainly make the team. The game started off well for both sides. Brynn got 4 points and Sydney got 6. The score was Brynn’s team 9 and Sydney’s team 14. The game only goes to 21 points so Brynn knew she needed to start playing better. She came down and made a three which gave them 12 points. Sydney came down and tried to dribble

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