Narrative Essay On Anxiety And Depression

“The night that I first experienced anxiety and depression was the night I wanted everything to stop. I was 14, my mom and dad stayed in arguments because he thought everything revolved around him. It was March 15, 2016, the day I had enough of the screaming the crying. My family was falling apart. Little did I know it was my fault. All my life I had anxiety and depression. My parents struggled with taking me to the doctor, and the bills started to raise. My parents argued because my dad would spend money on beer instead or on bills. No one at school liked me because they pictured me as the weird girl that was physco. My brother Joey is popular at school he plays for the football team dates a cheerleader. His grades were good and he was outgoing. …show more content…
I see how it is,” said Isabelle with a laugh. That was the first time Isabelle has laughed in months. “ No just people usually don’t go to a party with cupcake pajamas on,” stated Joey.
“ Fine I will be ready in a few,” said Isabelle.
Isabelle only had about 3 nice clothes in her closet so she just picked out the best one. It was a black crop top with a red and black flannel wrapped around her white ripped jeans. She choose some black high top converses to top it off. The only thing was Isabelle was insecure about going to a party without good hair and makeup. Isabelle walked sassy down the stairs to the living room where her mom was at. “Isabelle is that you?” her mom said with a gasp. “Yes its me, but I have a problem,” stated Isabelle.
“ Well what is it?” asked her mom. “ I need someone to do my hair and makeup,” said Isabelle. “ Abigail might can do it when she stops by,” said Joey. Abigail was Joey's girlfriend.
“ Okay,” said
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Chase asked if he will be okay. The emts said they don't know because they couldn't find a pulse. Chase got Isabelle back in the car, and took her to the hospital. By the time Chase got out of the Jeep Isabelle was already inside.
“Where is Joey,” Isabelle asked one of the officers at the accident.
“Ma’am they have him in ICU right now you need to have a seat,” said the officer.
“Belle you need to sit down and take a breather,” said Chase.
Isabelle sat down and called her mama, and told her what was going on. When her mama made it to the hospital they sat for hours waiting to hear how he was doing, but when that did finally happen Isabelle’s life changed forever. Isabelle hit the floor here legs went numb,and she was zoned out. Nothing will ever be the same. Joey was the one who made the house complete. If it wasn’t for her brother she would have not been the person she was.
“Belle i am sorry is there anything I can do for you,” said Chase.
Isabelle didn’t want to be mean, but she was so mad at everything. She ignored him, and walked out.
“Hey I am Chase I was a good friend of Joey,” said Chase to Isabelle’s mom.
“Yeah you must be close with my daughter too,” she replied

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