Narrative Essay On An Institution

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Institution Retribution

Erin. That’s my name. It’s just Erin. No last name. I have nice, long, black, curly, short hair. I take a lot of pride into my nice hair. I also take pride in my friends. I don’t have a genuine family to the extent I can recollect. I lived with my closest friend Armin and his sister, Mikasa. Armin is a nerd. He 's far too smart for his his grade. Mikasa is a a small girl with long black hair. She’s a year younger than me and Armin. For however long I remember, they always been there for me. Since whatever happened to my family till even now. They are my family now, and I will do anything to keep them happy. In the morning I do the usual thing that everyone does(hopefully). I leave the house with Armin and Mikasa and
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I go to an institution. I go to West Rose Institution and I’m a freshmen. That’s what I would say if this was like any other school. But it’s not. The institution has kids from sixth grade all the way to ninth grade. So, I guess I’m a senior? The institution is three stories high with two different buildings. One for sixth and seventh grade, while the other one… you can guess and incase you couldn’t figure it out, it’s for eighth and ninth grade. The institution iver very beautiful. We have a big garden with different types of flowers or fruit for every different patch. There’s a small hill with grass so during the lunch time you can take a nice and relaxing nap while the breeze blows over your body. But one day something out of the ordinary happened. It’s stunned everyone left some …show more content…
There aren’t any students left. Well, I guess it’s time to leave. I slide down the hallway just because it will be my last time being able to do that. I step out the gate. I turn around to glance back at the school one more time before it will be no more.
“Well. This is goodbye. There isn’t much left. I wish I could have at least stayed until my graduation.” I whisper quietly to Armin and Mikasa. They don’t say a single word. So, we turn and leave. Once we got home, we didn’t say a word. But even without words I know how they feel. You can feel our sadness as if there was acid flowing through the air. I know that they wanted to defend the school. But were against the AOTUSD, the best school district there is. Also the harshest school district with the most strict regiment out there. We were feeble and powerless, like three little children against a big group of adults each bearing arms. It was hopeless. The difference in power was much too great. All we can do is fall into the pits of despair.
Later that night as I was collecting my thoughts, Armin bust through the door like he was trying to tackle someone. “Are you trying to break the door?”I say without trying to sound

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