Personal Narrative Essay: Crossing The Border

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I crossed the border into Shenzhen China February 3rd, 2018. After a rather delightfully easy border crossing it was time to figure out how to get to Guilin. I walked ten minutes to the bus terminal. My map on my phone said I arrived but I wasn’t too sure. Nothing was written in English outside and I didn’t see any buses. I found a counter and walked up, the lady didn’t speak any English. I pulled out my phone to use the translator, asking for one ticket to Guilin tomorrow morning. After some confusion I discovered the only bus to Guilin was a sleeper bus, tonight at 8:10pm. Luckily I hadn’t booked a hostel for tonight just incase of this. I had no choice, I needed to take this bus. I set off to find a ATM and after two different ATM’s
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Instead of you’re typical transport by bus the whole way, I decided to go with a more adventurous way. After transporting to the Li River I border a raft. Headed downstream on what is known to be the most scenic section of the river. The views were stunning and a second day of sunny blue sky’s warmed the air. The twenty dollar bill of China even has the scenery printed on it.


My first full day in Yangshuo was filled with adventure. I rented a bicycle from the hostel and set off. My first destination was Moon Hill, located in Yulong River Park. It’s called Moon Hill because the large opening resembles the shape of a moon in the mountain. After parking my bike I started to hike. I reached the moon shaped hole and proceeded to cross through the center. After checking out the arc from the inside, I took a secrete side trail which lead me to the summit on top of Moon Hill. When I reached the top I had a remarkable three hundred and sixty degree view of the extraordinary landscape.

After my climb back down, I peddled to the Big Banyan Tree. Dating back to Sui Dynasty it’s more than one thousand years old. The impressive tree’s branches are supported by younger trees grown to hold up the limbs. I sat on a rock near by and enjoyed the peaceful

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