Narrative Essay On A Tangled Child

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A Tangled Child
“Pack your things, we are leaving.”

This was not your typical divorce. It was very rough time and not something I usually like to talk about or would want to relive. The divorces you tend to see in movies, where the parents might not like each other, but they still chose to put their children first and make the situation less stressful is something I have always wanted. Do not get me wrong, I never wanted my parents to get a divorce in the first place, but if had to choose how things went, I would have liked something similar to what you see in the movies. A simple divorce that occurs easily, quickly, and the parents are still able to remain friends for the sake of their children.

I was at the age of seven
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Home did not exactly feel like home. My room looked the same, but the fact that my father was no longer in the same picture made things feel very off. Little things, such as not eating at the dinner table or watching television together started to feel very strange and emotional. Eventually, my parents started making a schedule on when I would stay with my father and when I would stay with my mother. This was not something I was thrilled about as it felt like I was meaningless to them, just something materialistic being passed around. Staying at my father 's never exactly felt at all like home. I enjoyed staying at my mom 's because the majority of my things were at my mom’s house. Honestly, I never saw the point, how was I supposed to feel at home somewhere if everything I owned was scattered around in all different places. Every second weekend I would pack my clothes and toothbrush and visit my dad for a few days, which sort of felt like a I staying at a hotel. I did not feel entirely welcomed and the house that my father moved into was not exactly somewhere I would call “home.” It was an old rustic house that gave me shivers every time I stepped foot in it. There were times when I felt overwhelmed and pressured to go my fathers, but being a “tangled [child]” as the divorce pulled through, I had to do what I was told to …show more content…
I called my father and told him that I was done being passed around like something materialistic between my mother and him. I have feelings too, and I wanted to finally feel like I was at home for once. I told him that it is impossible to feel at home when I’m constantly changing houses every weekend. I also decided to tell both my parents that I’m done being their messenger and if they have something to say to one another they can resolve it themselves. Confronting my parents was extremely nerve racking but once I brought it up I could tell they finally clued in and saw it from my point of view. I wanted things to go my way for once and I would be “damned if I [would ever] go back to [the past].” I had finally stood up for myself “like [I was] being pulled this way” and all those years of being passed around a putting up with my parents finally pushed me to do the right

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