Narrative Essay On A Car Crash

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It started out as a normal day for me and my family. it was supposed to be a lazy day for everyone. My days had consisted of watching television and eating snacks instead of actual meals. I was watching my favorite TV show at the time when my dad had received a call from my brother’s mom, something had happened to my brother. My brother had gotten into a car crash. He was alright, although now I cherish him more and worry about my family’s car safety a little more than I used to.
It all started when my dad got a phone call. My dad was on the phone for not very long till he calmly said “Sydnie we need to go, Kendall got into a car accident,” but you could see the panic in his eyes as he briskly searched for his keys, Nike tennis shoes and charcoal
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My brother’s car was the one that was damaged, not the other car. The front of Kendall’s car was all crushed and messed up, you could see that the air bags had gone off in the two front seats. I got a numbing sensation as I looked around and couldn't see my brother, considering my dad made me and my sister wait in the cold, air conditioned car. Eventually I found him talking to one of the police officers. All I saw were the very few police cars, my brother’s friends that were in the car with him, their parents, Kendall, my dad and Jenny, Kendall’s mom.
Everyone had looked okay, it didn’t look like anyone got hurt, maybe some bruises but no ambulances needed to be called so that was a relief. For assurance Skylar’s mom, Hope, came up to my dad’s Dark Gray Dodge Charger, where me and Alexa were sitting, I opened the door and the words she said made all the difference. I remember her saying with confidence and with a relieved look in her eye “Kendall is going to be alright, no one got
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My grandma was very sick at the time so Kendall wanted to drop by to say hello, even though they weren’t his grandparents they were mine and Alexa’s. Also we wanted to let my mom know in person what had happened and how everyone was alright. Luckily all Kendall walked away from that crash was a huge bruise on his forehead from the hard impact from the white airbags. What had happened in the crash was that the car in front of my brothers car stopped really quick in front of him and he the brakes didn't work fast enough because the car on front was too close. Maybe Kendall could have paid attention more, or maybe the other driver could have slowly slowed the car down giving him enough time to safely stop as well. We will never know for sure who’s fault it was because they could both be bias and no one else was there to witness it.
About five years later in 2017, Kendall has had two more cars after his car he crashed five years ago. His light gray car, is he got after his crashed car. Although unfortunately that car had burned out as me, him, and my little sister were driving up to my dad’s apartment in Lenexa. His mom, a couple days later, helped him buy a new sleek, dark blue car which is what he drives currently. I love driving with him and spending time with him and I feel safe when he drived because he has learned from his

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