Narrative Essay On A Bike Ride

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It was late fall and the leaves have come and gone, there was no sign of life in the deep dark woods of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Being such as outdoor and actions sports lover, I decided it would be an awesome day for a dirt bike ride.
With that in mind, I called my life long best friend Joe, who happens to be my cousin. He agreed by saying, “Hell yeah, let’s ride.” Little did we know, the weather channel was predicting thunderstorms and heavy amounts of rain.
At the time, I was sixteen and thought I could take anything that this world could throw at me. I was young, reckless, and just looking for some type of adventure. With that said, we fueled up our bikes and didn’t even pack a rain jacket.
Luckily we invited my other friend Michael, and
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After firing up our bikes and traveling in the same direction as the night before, we found a road after only ten minutes of riding. Once we discovered this road, I immediately knew our exact location and knew we could make it home in an hour if we rode fast and stayed on the black top.
I speak for all of us by saying, it was the most incredible feeling making it home safe and sound to my parents. Although this adventure was a near death and eye opening experience, I wouldn’t want to change anything about it. Some might think I’m crazy, but I learned several things that miserable night in the woods. I learned things about myself that helped me in the process of maturing into a man. I was no longer that reckless boy that acted without thinking of consequences. I not only grew as individual, but my friendships grew as well. That night Joe, Michael, and I strengthened our friendship in more ways than one. We learned how to work together, support each other, and even discovered the brand of under wear each of us prefer. In conclusion, even though that was one of the hardest nights of my life, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One terrible night is worth the memories that I’ll have for a life

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