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The sound of the shower running wakes me up. I look around the room to find that it's still early morning. Cold breeze comes through the room. Someone has left the window in the room open, and the ice cold morning breeze sending shivers down my spine. It is one of those days in the fall in where the day starts off cold and is enters the high 90s by the end of the day. It’s also one of those days in which I have no energy to function. I should have gone to sleep sooner the night before.
I take a quick shower and dress in casual clothing. I leave the apartment and head to my morning class. At the end of the class I grab a quick lunch and head home to change into scrubs for my internship. Somewhere in between twelve and one I leave to arrive to my internship and get greeted by my co-workers. I help with paper work filing and assisting in x-rays, teeth cleanings, and translating.
Once home I do my homework and review what I have learned in class. I do my laundry afterwards then have dinner with my sister where I tell her all about my day. After dinner I help with the chores and go off to bed.

In a dental field there is the ability to start prepping from high school. Subjects in like math, biology and chemistry are important to remember for they play a major role in the career.
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The estimate price to a career in dentistry is any range between $30,000- $60,000 a year. Dental schools allow financial aid and provide financial services. The requirements for dental school consist of 8 hours of Biology with lab, Physics, English, General Chemistry with lab, and Organic Chemistry with lab. There is assistance once in the field, groups like ASDA an organization of dentist whose main focus is to help students to being successful in the career. They offer a support system and aid to getting into a dental

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