Narrative Essay - Narrative Self Reflection

782 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Narrative Self-Reflection Throughout GSW 1120 we practiced writing to different audiences compared to GSW 1020 and I could really feel the sense of the shift. The research essay was definitely the turning point where I noticed the biggest change, and I think this was because it’s an argumentative essay and that is where I feel like I excel the most. Counter arguing I would say is a weak spot in my writing. While I am writing a counter argument, for some reason I forget to include what I have to say and sometimes only state facts against my consensus. I feel like most of my topics and consensus were pretty well liked and widely know for example the standardized testing problems in the United States. When picking a central topic for essays I look at major things instead of problems or solutions that most wouldn’t know about. I think my values help me in the writing process because I tend to follow the majority of audience and I feel like I don’t tend to get to wild on my consensus. I feel like I have developed many skills necessary in able to analyze complex pieces of writing and what the main idea is about. For example, when writing about Not In Our Town, it’s not only about racism against African American’s which is most widely mistaken. It’s about discrimination against all races and I was able to understand that within the complex text of others. Also I would say that I’ve developed useful skills of assessing the credibility and relevance to the chosen topic. Something I…

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