Narrative Essay: My Life Has Been A Large Rollercoaster

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"My life has been a large rollercoaster". This experience was one of the most saddest and happy moments.This was when ever I was pregnant.One day my back was hurting so bad that I wasn 't able to walk and was in so much pain that I just didnt know what I had till my brother told me to go tot he hospital and get checked but I was so scared of what I was going to have and once I got there they made me do a lot of test to check me.But once the result came back they told me "I need to do you a ultra sound" and i was shocked because I told the lady "Isn 't that for people that are pregnant" and she replied "yes" at that moment I was so lost and nervous and once they did the ultra sound I heard some noise that sounded like a heartbeat …show more content…
But I never had the bravery to tell her face to face so I thought on not telling her and leave the house or stay and try to hide my stomach but one day or another I knew she will have to know or she will find out because my belly will grow.So from me being scared I took the decision to leave the house and go with my boyfriend and because my mom never had in mind that I was leaving because I was pregnant she thought the worst about me from why I left the house she got mad and sad that from her anger she took all of my stuff out of the house and told me that she never wanted to she again and taht I was never welcomed back I was crying because I wish I could of told my mom the truth so that she will understand me and support me . But I was to scared and once I heard those words it broke my heart into pieces seeing my mom like that but I knew I had made my decision

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