Narrative Essay: End Of Dream

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Everything was white. Millions of glistening ice crystals surrounding me. The trees that went on for miles were covered in snow. The cold felt like thousands of needles dancing on my skin. I looked up towards the sky. It was a pale blue with clouds as white as the snow that surrounded me. Everything here amazed me. A small smiled appeared on my face. This was like a dream I didn 't want to end. I start laughing to myself. Too bad this was a dream, and it soon was going to end. I sighed deeply. Might as well make the most of it, right? I walked around the trees watching as the snow landed on the ground, and melt away. My dark brown hair was blown away by the winter breeze.
I then looked passed the snow covered trees to see a dark figure standing not far from where I was. My curiosity got the better of me, and I made my way towards the figure. As I got
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Wake up Regena. Remember your leaving today!" I blinked a few times before registering what was going on. "Summer? What are you doing here?" She then started giggling. What was funny? "Your so forgetful. Remember I said I was going to fix you breakfast before you left for SOLDIER. Man I 'm still surprised that you became a cadet. Now hurry up before your late," She dragged me out of the bed, and had thrown my uniform at me. "Take a shower, and make yourself look pretty!" I wasn 't even listening to what Summer had said. I was still reminiscing about the dream.

I guess either way I have to get ready. "Alright, but how did you get in my house?" I asked, hoping she didn 't come through my window. "You gave me a spare key. Remember?" I nodded and went to the bathroom. As I was taking my shower I kept thinking about that man. Sephiroth. His name even sends chills down my back. Though he seemed so familiar I couldn 't put my finger on it. Oh well I have other things to worry about. After finishing my shower I dry off, and put on my cadet uniform. Then I braided my hair tying it with a black hair

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