Snow-Personal Narrative

Everything was white. Millions of glistening ice crystals surrounding me. The trees that went on for miles were covered in snow. The cold felt like thousands of needles dancing on my skin. I looked up towards the sky. It was a pale blue with clouds as white as the snow that surrounded me. Everything here amazed me. A small smiled appeared on my face. This was like a dream I didn 't want to end. I start laughing to myself. Too bad this was a dream, and it soon was going to end. I sighed deeply. Might as well make the most of it, right? I walked around the trees watching as the snow landed on the ground, and melt away. My dark brown hair was blown away by the winter breeze.
I then looked passed the snow covered trees to see a dark figure standing
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And bangs parted on each side of his face. His fair skin turning pale from the cold.

Who was this beautiful man? And what is he doing here?

I watched him closely as he turned around to face me. I gasped. His eyes were green and cat like. Those eyes would trap you in a trance, that you wouldn 't be able to get out of. He smiled at me while walking towards me. I took steps back until my back hit a tree making the snow fall on me. I squealed shaking off the snow. That was incredibly cold. I had almost forgot about the man in front of me. I quickly looked back to see him chuckling. what was so funny?

"Who are you?" I ask. He stopped laughing and stared at me."My name is Sephiroth," as his eyes bore into mine sending a chill up my spine. "Why are you in my dream?" I asked, "And why do you seem so familiar?" All he did was walk closer to me. I stood there nervous and scared not knowing what he was about to do to me. " Wake up Regena," he said. I was now confused. "What?" I asked, he then grabbed my arms roughly and shook me. "Wake up!" he shouted. Though sounding more like a female. Then the scenery I was once in changed, and I was now in my room.

* End of Dream

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