Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Driving

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When I started Driving

Ben Franklin quotes, “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn.” Have you ever felt so nervous about something that you feel like you cannot do it? I felt this way when I started to practice driving for the first time. When I turned fifteen years old, I was able to go to the BMV to take my permit test and if I passed, I could start to practice driving. I was pretty nervous whether or not I was going to pass or not. It took me almost two hours to complete my permit test and when I was finished, my score was a thirty-five out of thirty-eight! I was really excited that I passed my test and thought I was ready to drive right away, but I was not ready yet. The week after I
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I just turned sixteen going into my junior year and I realized that most of my friends had their licenses but I really did not care all that much at the time because I just was not interested in driving. It was close to November and I was told to do Driver’s Ed at the school or online. I signed up for it online which gives you one year to complete and have to pay fifty dollars. If Driver’s Ed was not completed in a year, you will have to repay the fifty dollars and start all over again from the beginning. Junior year was over and I still was not driving into my senior year of high school. Finally, on November 27th 2016 I passed all my Driver’s Ed tests and was qualified to get my license whenever I felt like it. After that, on January 15th 2017 I turned eight-teen years old and I still did not have my license and still was not interested in getting one. My senior year was over in May 28th 2017, and my parents were telling me I had to practice driving and get my license soon because they both have to start working full time every day starting in August which is when I start college! In the second week of June, I started to realize I do need to start driving or else I could not go …show more content…
So, my dad made an obstacle course for me to practice. We used tall garbage cans just because that is what we could find that was a little taller than cones. My dad set them up the same way the diagram at the BMV shown how the cones were going to be during the test, then after he was finished he told me to get started. The only problem was that I was definitely not ready at all during this practice test. The first time I tried it, I knocked over two garbage cans so I had to start all over from the beginning. The second time I tried it, I barely bumped a can but did not knock it down but ended up crooked when I stopped in front. My dad said, “If you are crooked, bump into, or knock over a cone

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