Yasser Arafat: A Story Of My Search

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Have you ever wondered how Palestine became occupied? How people suddenly started calling it Israel? I was shocked to see that because of the occupation in my country, Palestine, my grandparents had to flee the country, and how some people refer to it as Israel instead of the true name Palestine. Yasser Arafat was the founder of the Fatah. He spent most of his lifetime fighting Israel and that is why many Palestinians admire and respect him. Arafat died at the age of 75 from a mysterious blood disorder but there are many theories about his death like how the Jews poisoned him which I believe is true. I already knew that Palestine has been occupied for 68 years by the Jews. Arafat was a president of great courage since Jews were afraid of being …show more content…
Interviewing my parents, searching the internet, reading books, watching documentaries were the steps I had to accomplish to answer my questions. The interview helped a lot since my parents have experienced some harsh situations in the past. For example the questions I had about my grandparents were answered through the interview. I asked my parents about the difficult lives my grandparents went through. While searching the internet I used the terms al-Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe, or Palestinian history.
The Search
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For example, the war never stopped since Palestine is still occupied and also Israelis are still expelling people from their homes for no reason just like before. As I explained before the Zionists slowly took over by allowing more and more Jews to enter Palestine when suddenly the population of Palestinians and Jews were about the same percent. So that allowed them to occupy it more quickly and more efficiently. This research assignment allowed me to gain more information about my country.Eventhough it took some time, I am happy that I was able to gain more

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