Narrative Essay About Wasting Time

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It’s early in the morning, 7 am to be precise. The sound of percolating coffee can be heard from the kitchen, as its eye opening aroma begins to fill the air. Once again, I find myself in my daily routine, searching for something to keep me entertained. I sit down at the kitchen table and open my laptop. My eyes are still crusty from a wishful night of good sleep, as I type in my Facebook user name and password. A cigarette hangs from my lips and I take the first puff, as if needed to awaken my senses. While I wait for the page to open, I slip into the kitchen and grab myself a very dark cup of coffee. Strangely reminiscent of an oil slick on the ocean, the light reflects off the rainbow like swirls. I bring myself back from the haze of steam …show more content…
I think to myself. It looks like today is going to be just like yesterday. Another newsfeed full of arguments on political views I could care less about.
As I continue to scroll further down the page digging for something worth reading or engaging in, I find myself suddenly slipping away into the depths of my uncontrollable mind. Why the hell am I wasting my time here? With such little time, why are any of us wasting time?
Most of these people I don’t even know, yet I find myself weirdly interweaved amongst their life stories grasping for something interesting. I wonder how many of us are desperately searching to live vicariously through each other, rather creating an interesting life of our own. How many of us are lost in front of computer screens wishing for some type of explosive change to take place in our lives? Something exciting we can grasp, like the ladder of a helicopter as it evacuated us from our tragically boring lives, entangled in the strands of the web.
I shake my head to bring myself from the depth of my imagination, and as my eyes begin to regain focus on the screen, I see the catch phrase “You will never believe what Miley Cyrus has done!” Do I really care? I ask myself as I subconsciously click the picture to find
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As resources began to dwindle people would begin to do whatever it takes to survive, even if that meant taking the lives of others. I have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. I thought to myself as I typed “prepping” into the search engine.
The first thing that catches my eye is a title that reads “How to be ready for the economic collapse.” I click on the title where I am quickly overwhelmed by all of the links that pertain to such possibilities. Clearly, I am not the only one concerned something terrible could happen on our own soil. I decide to start from the top of the page and read everything I can. My father always taught me that it is better to be over prepared than to be ill prepared.
I can feel my vision getting fuzzy and my eyelids heavy, but I keep reading as the sunlight begins to fade and the room begins to darken. I just can’t seem to stop. One article of information leads to the next and so on. I suddenly start to hear a clock ticking louder and louder in the background as my senses become oddly more acute. I start to wonder how long I have been at this as I look up at the clock and struggle to focus on what it says. Holy shit! It’s already 3 o’clock in the

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