Narrative Essay About Vacation

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Our Vacation This essay is about my family’s awesome vacation. We went to Arizona and California. We did a bunch of fun things like Universal Studios, and Griffith Observatory. It was really awesome and i’m going to tell you about it.

It was June 5 2015, wich was my birthday. We got out of school and got on an airplane at the Idaho Falls airport. It was my first time on an airplane and it was my birthday so, the pilot let me sit in the cockpit. I videoed the take off on my Ipod and loved the whole ride. When we left Idaho falls it was cold, and when we landed in the Phoenix, Arizona it was really hot. We figured out our rental car was at the Mesa airport, not the Phoenix, so we got into a shuttle and drove there. When we got there it was HUGE. There were airplanes landing and taking off in every direction. We got in our rental van and drove to Flagstaff, Arizona and got to our expensive hotel. We loved Flagstaff and the hotel was awesome. In the morning when we went to work out they had disposable earbuds, which were crappy but cool. They cooked whatever you wanted for breakfast. While we were there I stepped on my glasses and broke them. My mom fixed them with wire, super glue, and electrical tape.

That day we left wonderful Flagstaff and drove to the Grand Canyon. We found a parking spot and walked over to the edge. It was Huge, It looked surreal. It didn’t look real, It was 18 miles wide right there. I tripped and cut my knee on the concrete, I got a bandaid. Then we

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