Narrative Essay About Travel To Spain

It’s the summer of 2016 in West Virginia, my parents told my brother and I that we were traveling to Spain for the summer. I was really excited when they told us that, since it is a pretty place to travel to. With the towering mountains and glimmering ocean, green trees and bushes, as well as the fresh air that has a little hint of the salt from the ocean, which depends as to where in Spain you are staying at. My mom had said for my brother and I to make a list of what we’re going to take with us on the trip, and if we were thinking of taking any electronics, they should be put to charge. “Okay guys, go make a list of what you’re going to take with you on our trip. Make sure to take a book as well,” is what my mom had said to the both of us. …show more content…
They were tired, needed a rest, so I just read my book the whole day, while my brother played on his 3DS. The following day, everyone hopped into the car as my dad drove us around so we could figure out a couple of things, such as where the grocery store was, how long it took to reach the beach, and other little places that we thought we’d like to visit while on our trip. Turns out the beach was actually about a twenty minute walk, an amusement park called Terra Mítica was about fifteen minutes away by foot, and the grocery store was a short drive away. Nothing big, it wasn’t like you had to walk from there to the next country in order to reach where you’re heading. That same day, we had decided to go to the beach, which was the prettiest sight in all of Spain, in my opinion. The ocean was sparkling like jewels when the sun’s rays were hitting the water. The colours ranging from as a bright a blue as the sky, to emerald greens and deep blues. The sand felt like silk, but was burning with such an intensity from the sun bearing down on it that it made it difficult to walk in. The water was cool to the touch, it felt great to be in the water. My mom didn’t want to swim, because she said it was too cold and that my brother, dad, and I were crazy for swimming in such water. The fish you would see in the water were amazing. Having colours that I haven’t seen before, and were all kinds of

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