The Woman In The Mirror Short Story

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On an ominous, dark night it was extremely evident that there was something lurking in the trees. The feeling of a secret was lurking amidst the swaying trees. Luckily, I was inside cuddled underneath a freshly knitted blanket that concealed my body from the cold. It was on this night that I vividly remember the story of the Woman in the Mirror. Being unfamiliar with the urban legend, my grandmother continued to ask if I wanted to hear it, but my mom’s ‘no’ ringed throughout the air. She knew that I was going to be inevitably scared but, of course, I did not listen. I told my grandmother that I was more ready than ever to hear the story that was on the tip of her tongue. She started to speak, while shivering unconsciously, “ It was a dark, …show more content…
The town had no name for her so a bare label rested upon the grey stone where she would spend an eternity. Those who stepped foot into the rebuilt house would quickly learn their fate. The first family to learn their fate were the Hollins. They were newlyweds when they decided to move into the rebuilt house in Verna. The Hollins fell in love with the white exterior and wanted to raise a family there. So that they did. They raised two beautiful girls, Abby and Kalissa. Kalissa was one of the most popular girls in school and decided to have a sleepover on a Friday night. She was impulsive and knew that her sleepover was going to be the new talk of the school on …show more content…
At first it was fun but then she was dared. Her dare was to look into a mirror and say, “Burn me alive” three times and hope that the Woman in the Mirror would not grab her soul. She went right into the bathroom and whispered that right into the mirror. At first nothing happened, but then all sounds stopped as if the world had stopped too. Kalissa started feeling dizzy. The image of an ashen face, without eyes or a mouth, appeared in the mirror. The face formed hands that dragged Kalissa against the mirror and into a whole new dimension of unknown. She no longer saw the mirror in her bathroom; instead, she was surrounded by darkened figures with no faces. The familiar looking figure that grabbed said over and over that she wanted “Kalissa’s pretty little face.” She realized that the woman was stealing the faces of young girls in order to satisfy her need to be pretty. The figures behind her started warning Kalissa that her face would disappear any second like theirs had if she did not escape. Kalissa ran around trying to find a mirror to return home. But there were none to be found. Kalissa the newest face of the woman in the mirror.”
I shook with unbelievable fear as I hear my grandmother finish up the story. I had the sudden urge to rip down all the mirrors in my house and keep the lights on all night. The story seemed too real to be fake and I was worried about my own safety. But my grandmother calmed me down

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