Personal Narrative-The Cinderella Story

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How would you feel if a person makes decisions for you? Did it ever happen to you? How did you succeed? So many questions and few answers. True? Possibly my story could be similar to yours, but with different endings. All starts in a place full of lights, tables, dance floors, songs to move the body, have some distraction. Well, this is my case, my story begins when I was 14 almost 15 years. I was a girl who was just getting to know the world. Only I would take my decisions at any place and time.
As fate came into my life a person that would change the way you see my future. Gabriel was the person that I fell in love. He was a teenager, eighteen years old, he was extremely skinny, wearing black colored tight pants, V-neck shirt color white,
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Could you give me your phone number?
-My name is Brandy. Of course, you have where to write on my number?
Everything happened so fast, I stay in "shock" and wanted to know more about him, but the Cinderella story is about to end. The days, months went by so fast that every day that passed, I kept talking to him on messages, calls, Tango until we finally met again, I felt happy to see him again and feel a strong feeling towards. That feeling was “love” without thinking or knowing that I had madly in love with him. We got engaged, with the little time we met, everything was perfection "pink" color to be exact. He met my parents, my uncles, cousins, and share with them at family gatherings.
I respond "he is the love of my life, I see a future with him." For my family was a big step, because for us means that our relationship is something more formal. The days were the best, being next to him, without any problems, no one stood between the two. We spent the first year together; I felt the best person to have Gabriel with me. We were both in love forever. Well, at least that was my thoughts until one day I get a friend request on my Facebook profile of a girl named Esmeralda.
-I said, "Who is this
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After a time, he calls me, and apologize for being jealous, the way he acts, I was not sure if he really was saying the truth or just playing around. It took me around a couple of months to take the decision because we had a relationship of three years, but know I feel glade that I took the best decision. My family didn’t like him since the first time I took him to my house and introduce Gabriel to them. After my brake-up they stared to call me to family meeting with them and spent time without jealous mans

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