Narrative Essay On Halfback College

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The Dream

Dreams are important, but to make them come true you have to work hard to reach them. Bobby Jones was just another freshman showing up on The Ohio State campus, except he was a recruited football player. He got a full ride scholarship for being a talented player and having a 4.0 G.P.A. He walked into the giant stadium and saw the rest of the team practicing. "You 're late," offensive head Coach Wagner bellowed "Get your gear on and get your rump out here!" Bobby walked out to practice and was easily the shortest guy on the field. He was only five feet seven inches tall and everyone seemed to tower over him, but he wasn 't about to let his height bring him down. He had just started the drills, but he looked like he had been doing them his whole life. By the end of practice everyone was huffing and puffing except for Bobby, he had barely broke a sweat. Coach Wagner walked up, "Kid you got some potential.”
"Thanks coach," Bobby interrupted. "I wasn 't finished. You have potential to be the greatest Halfback college football has ever seen, but you 're sloppy. What I 'm trying to say is, do you want to be in the pro’s?" asked Coach Wagner. "Yes coach, that is part of my dream," Bobby explained "I want to be on the New England Patriots but the coach won 't take any short players." "Well, let 's show
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He caught the ball and started running down field. He was untouchable, he blew past half the team, literally broke one guy 's ankles, and was in the touchdown. Bobby couldn 't believe how good that felt. That set the tone for the whole game. The Bears defense was like a brick wall letting nothing by, while Bobby was a total monster on offense. They kept feeding him and feeding him the ball until he had four touchdowns, then they started to slow the game down. It didn 't matter how slow their offense went, and by halftime the Patriots were ready to

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