Narrative Essay About The Best Day Of My Family

My parents knew and loved each other for ages but they had never been married in their 25 year-long relationship. About 2 years ago, my dad finally proposed to my mom. The day of their wedding was one of the best days of my life thus far.
June 25, after months and months of preparation it was finally THE day. The day when my parents would finally say “I do” to each other; I’d been waiting for this day since I was young. It was a sunny morning; opening my bedroom’s windows I could feel the hot summer breeze and the sunlight slightly touching my skin, I was ready to live this incredible day with my parents. I opened the door and quickly walked to the kitchen where I could smell the enchanting aroma of hot buns, fresh from the oven. I saw my grandma,
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Everything looked perfect. The red and white roses adorning the walls made the room look like something out of a fairytale. At the center of each table you could see a sumptuous bouquet surrounded by candles. The tablecloths were white as a dove and placed on top of them was red dinnerware. I was proud, proud to see the incredible results of all these months of hard work.
Then, I went back to my house and I was finally ready for the ceremony, I sat in the living room, waiting for my mom to finish her hair and makeup. A few moments later, she walked in this beautiful dress. She was gorgeous, she was beautiful, she was shining. I will forever remember how happy and peaceful she looked. Not too long after, I left the house to go to the city hall.
Upon entering the room where the ceremony was held, I noticed that numerous people were already waiting in the room: family, friends, everyone. My best friend and I sat down, I could feel the stress all over my body. At this exact moment, I was as stressed as my parents, if not even more. After what seemed like hours, but was actually minutes, my mom walked down the aisle. When I saw my parents in front of me, I felt really proud of them. After years of love, after years of shared life, after years of laughter and happiness they were finally doing it, they were about to be married. After the habitual speech, it was time for my parents to say “I do” to each other.
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“Oui, je le veux.” (Yes, I do), answered my mom with excitement.
The mayor turned towards my dad. The mayor demanded, “Monsieur Andrés Silván, voulez vous prendre pour épouse mademoiselle Christine Carcereri ici présente?” (Andres Silvan, do you want to take as spouse Christine Carcereri). “Oui, je le veux.” (Yes, I do), retorted my dad with a large smile on his face. The entire room was enchanted, my heart was racing; it was the moment that I waited for so long. I pictured this special instant: my dad, standing in front of my mom, with a fancy black suit and a pretty red tie. My mom, wearing this gorgeous white dress, with delicately curled hair and a soft natural

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