Calling Narrative Analysis

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Calling Narrative
I grew up in a strong Christian home that was full of faith and love. My four siblings and I had prayers for our bedtime stories. My parents were heavily involved in our local church, so going to church was never an option. However, this was never really an issue because I truly believed that we really enjoyed going to church. In a small town, church is the community. For a long time, church was just a place to go to have fun. I knew all the Sunday school answers, but there was no depth to my relationship with Christ. This all changed when my church hired its first youth minister. For the first time, I felt like I had someone other than my parents to answer my questions about God and life. In many ways, this was my first experience with a Christian counselor. Growing up, the only counselors I had ever heard of were
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I am hoping that I can take advantage of my move to Wilmore to start incorporating new goals and spiritual disciplines. In fact, I have already begun to practice new habits since arriving. However, I believe that there is always room for improvement. This year I would like to push myself harder physically. I know that as I am studying more in graduate school than I ever have in my past, I will try to use that as an excuse to slack off in my exercises. I have this book that gives me an exercise for each day of the week for twelve weeks. I have used it off and on for about a year and tend to just pick and choose the exercise I want for that day. However, I know that I would see more results if I actually stuck to the plan it gave me. I can count on seeing the outcome of my hard work through the way I look in pictures and the way my clothes fit throughout the year. I think it would also be helpful for me to keep a food journal. This would keep me accountable for all of the late night snacking I tend to do to try and stay

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