Value Of Religion Analysis

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From the beginning of time, religion has been a part of civilization. Religion is one of most significant backgrounds today. "The common translation of religion is to join again or reconnect" (Molloy, 2010, p. 5). There have been a huge number of meanings of religion. Several individuals trust that by constantly staying associated with a higher power or source, it brings a feeling of internal peace from inside. Religion is the most studied and talked about subjects known. Religion can unite numerous individuals in masses for profound associations. Despite the fact that religion can be involved in heart, particular components inside religious bonds are connected and rise above into individual convictions of religious areas, or sacred religions …show more content…
These rituals are called the seven sacraments and include: baptism, communion, reconciliation, confirmation, marriage, holy orders, anointing of the sick (last rights). I received four of the seven sacraments. I was baptized when I was a baby. Baptism consisted of saying a few religious prayers and statements, then the priest would pour holy water on your head. Being baptized means you are washed away from original sin. This ritual also symbolized that we were saved, and the doors to heaven were open to us. Reconciliation is confession, where you go before the priest and confess your sins. In return you do a penance for these sins. Communion is receiving Christ body and blood through blessed bread and wine. Confirmation is commitment to the church. Marriage is another sacrament celebrated. Holy orders are for priest proclaiming the gospel. Anointing of the sick is a ritual that heals the sick of sins so they can have peace and get to heaven. These sacraments are also practiced by many other religions. I do believe in most of these sacraments. These sacraments are essential to my faith with God. The only sacrament I do not believe in is the sacrament of marriage. I do believe marriage is a sacrament, but do not believe it has to take place in a catholic church. According to the catholic church, if a couple is catholic and not married in the church, then the church does not recognize the marriage. I was married before by a judge but not in the catholic church. To me I think it is ok to get married by someone of some faith to have it religiously

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