Explain Why We Read To Know That We Are Not Alone Essay

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Once, a well-known British novelist stated, “We read to know that we are not alone.” I believe that statement is true because reading allows people to escape the world and enter another where life is more exciting than their own.
My family crowns me as the bookworm of the family because of my obsession with books whether it be a novel or a biography. And with that embedded in mind, the fact that I sincerely abhorred reading a few years ago probably dumbfounds everyone. Yes, I can pin it on my dramatic transition from China to the United States, but that is simply not the case.
I remember vividly of my first moments in kindergarten. My teacher began the day with informal introductions followed by reading pinyin. I refused learn it and to read it because I disliked everything about reading: the sounds, the writing, etc. I was content with my shapes and numbers; reading and writing were never part of my agenda.
By the third grade, I knew how to read simple words without the pinyin. However, in the Chinese language, words are remembered by sole
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For school, I read what I had to without enthusiasm. When my teacher began an out-loud-reading session in History class, I tried to escape to the bathroom right before it was my turn. And the times I could not escape, I read with many pronunciation mistakes while I inwardly cringed because I did not understand what I was reading. However, my penchant for crafts and assemble things meant instructions which accompanied reading. Therefore, my reading career began with instructions for learning how to knit, crochet, sew, assemble things and construct. But instructions were not known for its broad vocabulary, and sometime later, my reading skills were dwindling on a thin thread compared to that of the other students my age. A few months before I turned twelve, I received a “F” on my literature

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