Narrative Essay About Ordinary Life

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It was an ordinary day, it was an ordinary life, it was a fifth grade girl. I walked into Wolf Creek Elementary School with my ponytail held high and my Pumas skipping down the hall. A smile hogged over half of my face. I was so happy. In that moment, I had never experienced a true challenge. I did not know what it was like to be anything but happy; like I said, it was an ordinary life. In this life, my best friends in the whole world were: my twin sister, Noelle; Sophia,and her twin sister; Rachel. We experienced life together, we loved each other. My family and friends were so happy. After my bestfriends and I experienced an exhausting, arduous day of spelling and simple division, Noelle and I went home. At our house our momma had greeted …show more content…
It was almost two years after the divorce: December 31st, 2011 and my mom was engaged. When her fiance had told me his plan, I freaked out. I was not ready to share my mother with anybody else, I was apprehensive and terrified. I could only think of the worst possible outcome of it all. When my mom 's fiance realized my emotions he argued with me and gave me no choice; he would be marrying my mother. Later that night when he asked my mom that powerful question, she said yes. I could not fathom the idea of her being happy with anybody else other than my father. Although, she was jovial for herself and excited for us because she will soon promise the rest of her life to be well spent with Rachel and Sophia’s father. This was a very black part of my life where I faced many complications on trying to find happiness in this dramatic, unexpected interference in my ticking time clock. It took me months and months for me to realize that this would be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The bond between my stepfather and I is great and the excitement of living with my bestfriends is spectacular; but, out of everything, I am so happy that all of this happened because I had the opportunity to bring them with me to my church. In only a few months all of them gave their lives to Christ, and for me to be apart of that is the most breathtaking feeling in the universe. Me and my sisters also got connected to multiple different challenges and we are very proud to say that God is at the heart and foundation of this family. I take pride in that statement more than anything else; it is a honestly beautiful

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