My High School Year

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Even before my high school years began, I was always told to enjoy my senior year to the fullest. I remember being told that it would fly by before my eyes, and I would always think to myself, "They are really exaggerating, I am sure my senior year will feel like a century has passed before it 's over". I would walk the halls of my school as a freshman looking up to the seniors, they seemed very grown and mature. I couldn 't wait until I was in their position. I had always dreamed that my senior year was going to be the most exciting and memorable year of my high school career. That year was filled with many "first last" days of school, pep-rallies, class meetings, and of course Friday night football games. At the end of it, I can say that …show more content…
I went into the locker room where all the students were hanging out until the ceremony started. I stayed calm until it was time for the class to line up to walk out into the field. At that point I was filled with an abundance of emotions. I felt ecstatic because the moment I had waited for was finally here. I felt confident and insecure at the same time. I felt confident in the procedures, I knew what to do and when to do it, but I was also insecure, because I was scared to fail. I knew what line I had to walk on to get to my seat, but I didn 't know if I was going to trip or fall on the way there. Thankfully, I got to my seat alive and without any injury. The ceremony proceeded and as the guest speaker spoke I could not help but feel nervous. After all the talking was done, the exciting part began, the principal started to call out names. As I saw my classmates walk across the stage I felt proud of them, because even though we all had our differences, I had been with all of them for many years. Then, the principal called my name, and to this point walking across the stage, shaking hands, and receiving my diploma has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my young life. After all the names were called, we all stood up as a class, and the principle yelled, “I present to you the Class of 2015”, and that’s when we tossed our tassels into the air. As I tossed my tassel, I felt on top of the world. I felt relieved because it was all over and everything, for the most part, had gone great. We all hugged and shouted as we walked to meet our families. Once I found my family, I saw in their eyes how proud they were of me. The emotion I felt then was unexplainable, I felt my heart smile. The feeling of making my parents proud was the best feeling ever. I hugged and took pictures with my family and friends.

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