Why Do I Bring USch A Topic To My Parents?

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Do I say it? How should I bring up such a topic to my parents? I know they are very supportive of me, but what will they think about this. Being in the freezing hospital is bad enough. My mom is in panic, my father is talking to the doctor, and I’m over here in a hospital bed contemplating whether I should tell them or just continue where everyone can be happy, well except for me. I decide it times to stop hiding this feeling of misery I have from them.
I remember waking up that day already mourning the fact that I had a game that day, but this morning was different than any other time. I felt as if this day was different than others, I felt more tired, grouchy, my head was hurting, I couldn’t concentrate, it felt like from the time I woke up that this was going
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I went to school without the jersey knowing my coach would be disappointed that I didn’t wear it, but it wasn’t my fault I just couldn’t find it. As I walked into my first period class I realized that I had forgotten to do my homework form last night, which wasn’t helping this day going any better. My teacher asked everyone to turn in their assignments and I obviously couldn’t. She then went forward to check each person who did not turn it in and call them out in front of the class which was very humiliating. As the day went on more and more events happened that was just going along with the terrible day I was having. Each period I just couldn’t concentrate because I knew I had this big secret I was hiding from my parents, I didn’t want to play sports anymore. I know it seems like a little thing but my parents are die hard sport fanatics and telling them that their one and only son does not want to be involved in sports and rather join some club would be devastating to them. In my mind I could only think about how disappointed they will be in me and

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