Narrative Essay About My Next Summer

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My 2017 Summer
Before school ended in my sophomore year, I was figuring out what I wanted to do for the summer vacation. My family didn’t have any big plans on what to do and usually we don’t go anywhere until August. My father, who is a janitor, is required to work over the summers in keeping the school clean. Normally in the summer I hang out with my friend who I don’t see often and we usually rode bikes around his neighborhood. When summer comes, I get so excited because school is over, but then I sometimes feel that I waste some days because I don’t do anything. Summer is when I spend a lot of time in my bedroom which I shouldn’t be doing. I would just sit in my room and watch videos on my tablet. I knew that I had to decide what I was
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He called his book, “The Joy of Science.” The first section I started with was about the fundamentals of physics. Next, after I ate lunch, I read chemistry for an hour. The chemistry pdf was the hardest one to understand mostly because it was all new material that I haven’t learned yet. Also there were many subtopics that were very new with formulas and vocabulary. I did learn a lot from that pdf and the first chemistry one I read was the shorter one out of the two. It only had about four hundred pages in it. I only got to read the first chemistry pdf over the summer, but I was able to read that one three times. I still managed to read the history book for an hour. The type of history pdf I read was on American History. I started reading this one because my next year history class would be on American History. Reading for four hours took a lot of my time during the day, but I was fine with that. I began reading the english pdf the next day. The english pdf covered the important topics on how to write professional essays. It was broken down into many sections like, organization, clarity, word choice, and mechanics. The benefit from reading that pdf I wanted to take from this was to improve my writing skills. Overall, before summer break ended, I read most all the pdfs at least twice. I felt that I was ready for school to …show more content…
I decided to write about something that I could vividly remember the most, so I decided to talk about what I did over the summer. Personal narrative writing is the art of storytelling and it can be either factual or fictional. When a person talks about their personal narrative of an event that has happened to them, it sends a clear message about that person to its audience. In my personal narrative, I explained what I did over summer break. In personal narrative writing, there are lot of literary devices that are used. Usually with someone is tell a story of their own, a lot of imagery is

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