Narrative Essay About My Mutual Friend

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Neba and I met at our mutual friend (yoni 's) house back in 2002. Neba was vacationing from London. My friend Samri and I went to yoni 's house during lunch time. Since I had to go back to school we didn 't stay that long. After we left, Samri said that Neba was checking me out and I didn 't think it was a big deal and that was it. Later, once we started dating, he found some pictures that we took together him standing next to me from our first acquaintance. I guess it was the gravity of love that pulled us together.
April 1st 2012, on one Lucky Sunday our paths have crossed for the second time again at Yoni 's son christening party. Oh, it was my birthday too. I was there with my brother, sister in-law, and nephew. Neba was there with his
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We met on Thursday. We walked all the way to 13 street. We stopped in a local bar for drinks and some quick bites. We talked and talked for hours as if we 've known each other for a long time. I found it so easy being around him. Though I already told him that I don 't do long distance relationship, I kept talking and seeing him. He called the next day and insisted to meet up. I proposed Friday instead. My friend Selam and I went to D.C. to join him that Friday night after work. It was a beautiful night. We danced and talked. He got me a rose and walked me and Selam to the car. The next day I got a call from him asking if we can get together for dinner since it was his last day. We agreed to meet at Busboys & Poets in Shirlington. His friend David dropped him off. When he got off his friend 's car, I got off my car, went straight to him and held his hand. I realized that I was holding his hand, thought of pulling back and then I started replaying my favorite quote by Rumi that says close your eyes and fall in love. "Aida, close your eyes and fall in love, close your eyes and fall in love". We had a great time and those 4 hours felt like 4 minutes. Neba flew back the next day to London and came back within 2 months to see me. Though maintaining a long distance relationship is a huge commitment but our love is stronger than the mileages and distances between us. Here we are today planning our wedding and asking all of you to join us as we celebrate the beginning of our adventures together. When deciding on a location for our wedding, it seemed only natural to get married on the very beach because we both love

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