Narrative Essay About My College Journey

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Starting my college journey was very stressful and scary for me. I’m so little. I still look like I should be in high school. So many questions crossed my mind. Was I ready? Was I prepared? Did I know where I was going? Did I have all my resources? So many things. I felt as though my world was going to just crumble at my feet. I hate change, and I’m not the best at meeting new people. The transition process is what was the worst. I got so stressed out right before I started. I had to assure myself that I was going to be alright. My first day arrived, and it was a huge success I loved it! After my first day I knew that my college journey was going to be fun and that I was fully prepared for what my future held. College is the time in your life where you meet new people and you learn new things. It is the time when you fully transform into an adult. …show more content…
I was used to my little high school where I seen all of my friends every day, knew all of the teachers, and teachers motivated you and did a lot for you. I knew coming into college I have to push myself because no one was going to be there to do it for me. I was solely on my own in college. The transformation was actually a little easier then I had made myself believe. I had told myself that it was going to be so hard and that I probably wouldn’t make it and that maybe college just wasn’t for me. While at Isothermal I learned many things. I learned many different things about Isothermal and all of the resources that they have for the students. I learned new things in my math classes and in my English class. Not only did I lean things in my class but I also learned things about myself as well. I learned that I can do these things on my own. That I am fully capable of pushing myself and being able to motivate myself. I learned how to juggle a part time job and a full college schedule. I learned that in life I have to work for what I want, it will not just be handed to

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