Narrative Essay About My Christmas Gift

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I can remember to when I was eight years old. It was a cold December 25, 2007. I had a numerous amount of gifts waiting for me to eagerly unwrap under the Christmas tree. It was one of the greatest Christmas ever because it was the first time I had received that amount of gifts. Since I was the youngest daughter I actually got everything I asked “Santa Claus” for. It all started that November of 2007 I watched in the television a commercial of multiple medical related toys that had barely been presented to stores and it was very fun to play with. You could see the amazing and joyful expression the little girl had on television. Well I got so excited with it and since I wanted to become a doctor in the future; I wanted those toys. Luckily the toys came out on a booklet target gives every year on Christmas and I immediately cut the images out and glued them to my Christmas card. …show more content…
One day before Christmas, Christmas Eve, and my whole family gathered in my house for dinner and we did a lot of fun and enjoyable things together. Right before 12 A.M. my eyes could not hold it any longer, so I went to bed and took a wonderful and relaxing nap knowing that the next morning I could open my gifts and see that I finally had the medical toys I wanted on my hands. What I mostly had in mind was that I could finally assimilate what being a doctor really was. I woke up at about seven in the morning and anxiously sprinted all the way to the living room where the christmas tree was with all the mysterious gifts that santa claus had given me were. Desperate to know what they really had inside; I immediately unwrapped them and wonderfully there they were, the toys I always wanted and had seen on tv were in my hands. The expression I had was very radiant I started crying of the happiness I had. For the next couple of weeks I played with my older brother imagining that he was ill and I had to cure

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