Personal Narrative: Lunch With My Best Friend

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It’s freshman year, I’m having lunch with my best friend Stephanie and some girl who use to be her best friend. Cool right? Stephanie and I went to go get some Jamba Juice inside the cafeteria, Britney caught up to us about a minute later.
On our way back to our usual lunch spot I see a very attractive guy. Nice eyes, nice smile, and pretty tall.
So I told Stephanie “Hey, that guy is super cute.”
She replied “Yea, he’s alright.”
We have totally different taste in guys.
Britney over heard on what I told Stephanie. So Britney decided to approach this attractive guy that happen to be with his group of friends. I’m not quite sure what Britney told him, but him and his friends looked at me and were all saying “oooooohhh!!” they started to tease
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About two weeks later he texted, called, and try to talk to me at school. All he would say is that he was sorry and that he was stupid for saying that. After a couple of days of hearing him beg for another chance I decided to give him another.
Chris and I broke up during the summer and we didn’t really speak much. Towards the end of summer heading to sophomore year Chris and I were obviously trying to get back together again. But just two weeks before school starts he starts talking to some girl named Alejandra, just like my name. A week later they start dating. Go figure. I was obviously devastated because he led me on. But Chris and I never stopped talking. I got over it and said to myself if he’s happy then that’s all that matters. They ended up breaking up around December. I dated one guy named Carlos, he was a senior at the moment. We always walked to every class together and on occasions we’d bump into Chris. Of course Carlos knew about him and he was okay with us being friends. But the day before my birthday Chris “accidently” bumped into us. Chris decided to carry me to class and left Carlos alone. Carlos let it go for that second but once I saw him after class he was so angry. I was leaving to Mexico on December 15th which was in five days. Those five days went by quick and Carlos decided to make every day count. The day came and I
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We ended up having sex. Let me just say it was one of the best days.
Graduation day was here. Chris didn’t graduate because he hadn’t pass his writing proficiency. He was devastated. So I tried to not talk about graduation with him.
Later one say he then said to me “I know why you don’t talk about graduation with me. But it’s okay. I’ll graduate later. But just know that I’m so proud of you. You did it. You deserve this, you’ve worked so hard for this. I love you.”
I then said “When did I get so lucky to have you? I love you. You’ll graduate soon and I’ll be there when you cross that stage. I’m always going to be there for you.”
He didn’t attend graduation because it was too much for him. But he texted me right after it ended. Saying how proud and happy he was for me, he repeatedly said I love you and that he was so lucky to have me.

Chris then later graduated in August. I didn’t attend his graduation because he invited some girl he liked. Which is his mom’s best friend’s daughter. But I’m still proud of him. We’re still great friends and hopefully will always

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