Homegrown Narrative Essay

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Larissa Melo
Kathy Kvinge
English 1101
October 3, 2017
Homegrown Narrative Essay
Growing up in America really influenced my music taste in ways I could’ve never imagined. I was brought overseas, from Brazil, by my parents at the age of two to start a new and better life. I was being raised in America but grew up with Brazilian values and customs.
Everything was so different, but what stood out the most was music. Here, in America, there is a lot more variety when it comes to music and all the different genres made it all so intriguing to me. Music introduced me to the friend group I have now, and it also exposed me to many memorable experiences. My friends and I were always on the search for new music and new genres. Although, our high interest
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Back then Larry League wasn’t huge but I knew they would be grow to be one of the best in the world.
During football season, schools would create rivalry raps dissing the other team. One of the main rappers in Larry League named Randy, went to my rival school. Randy made a song talking about how horrendous my school’s football team was and how we would never win a championship game. Even though his music was essentially dissing me, and all my friends, since it was against our school; it was so catchy that I found myself rapping right along to his lyrics.
Melo 3
No matter what song they created, I just always loved Randy’s verse the most out of all the members. I became associated with many of their colleagues, and got to meet them multiple times.
They were kids just like I was, that had a dream of making it big, and they were so determined to do so that there was nothing going to get in their path of success of fulfilling their dream of hitting number one on Billboard’s Top 100. They had even developed an international fan base through the internet.
A couple months later, Larry League announced that they will be doing a small set
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Instead, Sensei sold it to Larry League. This hightened media attention about the group, only increasing their popularity.
Following Larry League through social media, exposed me to multiple opportunities. On my next birthday my best friend at the time, Taylor, won two VIP all exclusive meet and greet, concert tickets on Instagram live and she decided to give me the extra ticket. That following
Saturday was the big day, I was going to try and get members of Larry League to add me back on snapchat so it would be easier to get to know more about them. Luckily, I did. Randy and I ended up talking a lot on snapchat and he eventually asked me to hangout. He fell in love with
Melo 4 me after just two short weeks of snapchat-chatting back and forth. We got married on our one month anniversarry and now have six children. It’s crazy how my passion for music, and my ex best friend, Taylor, impacted my life so much and led me to meeting the love of my life, Randy,
Randy Provolone.
Now, Larry League has an extremely exceptional reputation in the industry and has been making songs featuring big name artists such as Gucci Mane, PeeWee Longway, and

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