Personal Narrative: Moving At My Dad's Home

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When I started having problems at my dads house with my step and I was thinking about moving in with my mom but I thought that maybe I could fix it. I told my dad about the problem and he said he would talk to my step mom because she would freak out on me about every little thing I did or didn’t do. After waiting a month or so and nothing happened I started thinking more and more about moving out. I was thinking about how I would get to school and get to school everyday if I moved in with my mom because living at my dads I was able to use one of the two cars he had. I talked to my mom about the problems that I was having with my step mom and she immediately offered for me to move in with her if I wanted and/or needed to.

After her saying that to me I talked to some of my friends and I talked to my Nana and they all pretty much said that I should move in with my mom. I tried to stay with my dad as long as I could thinking that maybe my step mom would not be so grumpy and angry and irritating
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My step mom yelled at me one night saying I couldn’t date a boy named Dylan because he was a really bad guy. She had met him only once and she was yelling at me to not date him. My dad and step mom met Dylan at one of our family dinners because Dylan’s mom came to our dinner because she was, and still is, dating my uncle. My step mom thinks it would be wrong even though Dylan is not really even related to me. She also yelled at me one day because I had just gotten back from checking on my Nana, who lives next door to my dad and asked me to check on her. I could not handle getting yelled at for little to no reason and my dad wasn’t helping any either so I finally talked to my dad and said I could no longer live with him and I wanted to move out. I knew my dad was not happy that I was moving out but I knew I needed to do what was best for me despite making other people

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