Narrative Essay About Marriage

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When people get married the idea is usually forever, you take a vow and you’re supposed to live by it. That’s the whole idea of marriage right? So why do people get divorced? People change, they’re not who you thought they were when you first married them, they start acting differently, lying, and maybe just being plain mean. All this happened almost ten years after my mom married my step dad, he stayed out all the time, was a jerk to my mom, sister, and I, lied to us, and was a totally different person. One morning I woke up to my parents yelling and screaming at each other. My mom was asking about some girl that was messaging my step dad and saying inappropriate things to him. After that it was obvious that he was cheating on my mom, I can’t …show more content…
My life had become miserable and I was only twelve years old. I felt so alone all the time, none of friends could understand what I was going through and feeling. My headphones had become my best friend, almost everyday my parents were fighting and all I wanted to do was escape. Escape the noise, escape the pain I felt, escape life. Over time I had become very depressed, I talked to almost no one and didn’t want to do anything. Getting up in the morning felt so much harder than what it should have been. I’d go to school and all day I felt lost, I walked alone in the halls, and didn’t talk to anyone at lunch. I’d come home and all I wanted to do was sleep, because it felt like an escape to …show more content…
It was the middle of the school year and I had felt even more lost than before. Not knowing anyone at all was hard, and then having to deal with taking my step dad to court I felt like I had no one to talk to. The court had ordered that my sister and I both go to counseling, but I didn’t feel like it helped at all. All I wanted was for someone to understand and help me realize everything was going to be okay, but I wasn’t able to open up to anybody about what had happened.
After a little while of being at Oakridge things had gotten a little easier, I made new friends and actually had a social life. I mainly just got into the habit of distracting myself from everything that had happened, and it worked… for a little while. Nothing happened to my step dad for what he did to me, the judge said it was my word against his and that there was no proof even though he had failed his official lie detector test. I was so angry about all of it, I wish so much that I had said something sooner to someone rather than holding it in because I was afraid of what might

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