Personal Narrative: My Time Machine

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Twenty years ago in the year 2030, I was a middle aged women striving to be the world 's best historian. I had so many plans to give the current generation at that time the best knowledge than any of us had gotten. I gave the world a chance to see History in a new light, the real light of how History happened. My plan was to create and build a time machine for me and my college class to travel back and see History for what it really was. My Goal was to educate the future of the past so they could be recognized for revealing the truth and meaning behind the world’s heritage and origin. For years they told me I would never succeed and would never be close enough to being as famous as the researchers before my time. I had a plan, a plan to prove them wrong and make my story legendary for my children and for their children to tell. I was on the verge of being forever remembered. My plan was coming along quite well. My Time Machine was finally built after long hard hours at the University of Vonnegut Bay. My class had picked out topics in History that had undiscovered details or ones they took interest in to know the outcome and the real cataclysm that followed. I had taught the students many parts of …show more content…
I couldn’t go. I was in a battle against time, literally. I couldn’t go to the past because I had come back to life in 2017. It was my High School Graduation and I was walking across the field with my best friend Josh. I was so nervous and excited that I forgot to tie my shoe! My name was called and I made my way up the stage to grab my paper of freedom and adulthood. I almost made it up the last step when I stepped on my gown and fell of the stage. I had been unconscious for five minutes when my heart stopped and was halfway to the hospital. They did CPR on me and ten minutes later I was back. A pretty big fright for my parents and loved ones but now it has come back to haunt me in my pursuit of

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