Narrative Essay About Generation Z

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Generation Z

Generation Z: the generation of people born from 1996-2009. Most, if not all, people still in high school fall into this generation cohort, including myself. Born in 2002, I was raised in the age of ultimate technology. At first glance this may seem like the defining characteristic of my generation. However, Generation Z is far more than just technologically innovative. We are eager to start working. As of this year, studies have shown that most people get their first job around age sixteen or seventeen, just meeting the legal working age. We juggle school and work with an open mind and excited heart, knowing that we are taking our first steps into the real world. Despite being only fourteen, I have already received a
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Statistics have shown that over 55% of people are beginning to graduate early - a task that can only be accomplished if one is truly interested in learning. I have devised a plan to graduate early, as well, as I want to learn as much as I can in the topics I’m intrigued by. I plan on graduating in my junior year and going straight to college, then to medical school, where I will study forensic pathology. I would never be this determined to get everything done if I was not very involved with academics. Another truth I have found about Generation Z is that we love rarity. Something about being unique speaks to our generation on another level, both emotionally and physically. It is hard to find something that will fascinate us more than the ephemeral. This may explain why such a large percentage of our generation is interested in pursuing the arts - art in any way, shape, or form is a precious scarcity that we crave. Although we aren’t only technologically-focused, it is undeniable that technology has shaped our lives. Generation Z often use social media websites as research tools. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Google: simply type in your question, and you will find an answer. This undoubtedly makes research far easier for us than it was for other …show more content…
Events in the real world have made us fear what would happen if someone were to follow our footprints - especially our digital ones. This is why it is important to make good choices when online. Unfortunately, for many people that fall under the Generation Z birth years, making good online choices isn’t first nature. Perhaps the most prominent thing about Generation Z is that we are not afraid to challenge traditional gender roles. Nowadays, there are no such things as ‘men’s jobs’ and ‘women’s jobs.’ Jobs are simply what they are: jobs. Regardless of gender, our generation fights for equal rights between sexes, both in the workplace and in social events. This has made our generation grow even stronger together than those that came before us. By far the most indisputable defining point of Generation Z are our intentions to change the world. My generation views the world as an artist might view unfinished clay pottery: weathered by nature and others’ hands, but still subject to changes. We want to work to a better world and right the wrongs of the past. Making this world the best it could be is a goal at the top of every Generation Z person’s mind, and we have already set to work. From equal rights movements to helping those in need to cleaning up nature to keeping climates steady, my generation is determined to stop the decline of our world’s state. It is a common thing for our generation to believe that without our

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