Narrative Essay About Fishing Research Paper

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It was a sunny humid afternoon in Galveston Texas. Me and my grandpa were on our way to go fishing. On our way there we noticed the big dark gray clouds that were above us. We didn’t pay any attention to the because the weather man didn’t call for any rain. Finally we got to the dock where we could put the boat in, once we put the boat in we sailed off into the gulf of mexico until we found a good spot to fish.
We stopped the boat and I could smell the pungent smell of the salt water, I grabbed my fishing pole and put some bait on it and casted out into the blueish green water. My line just sat there for a while then I felt a something pulling on my line so I started reeling my line in as fast as I could. I was so excited but when I finally got my line in it wasn’t a fish I caught, it was a bunch of slimy green seaweed so I threw it back into the water.
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So my grandpa tried starting the boat and it didn’t start so he tried it again and it still didn’t start. My grandpa was trying to fix whatever was wrong with the boat but he couldn’t get it to start. All of a sudden there was a big black rain cloud that came out of nowhere and it started pouring down rain. I sat there cold and wet while my grandpa was trying to fix the boat. then finally it started so we finally got the boat back to the dock and we loaded it back onto the truck and went back to my grandparents house.
When we walked into the door we were both soaked from head to toe. My grandma asked what happen and my grandpa told her that the boat didn’t start and we got trapped out in the ocean and it started to rain. That was a bad fishing experience because we didn’t catch any fish, we couldn’t get the boat to start up, and we got rained

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