Personal Narrative: My Journey In High School

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During the final months of my high school journey in Guyana, after my weekend lesson was concluded, my friends and I decided that we would attend the racing park activities and later the bar. Bare in mind that our finals were also upon us for the following day. However, that did not stop us from going. Flashing back to beginning of the day, our classes were long and boring. The only excitement we endured during that 5-hour lesson was our eating break. During our eating break we came up with the idea that, we should have some fun before our finals began the next day. One of my closest friend said, “I think the racing park have activities today, we should go and lime a little and then come back to school.” We all agreed with her. So, we hid away our school bags in the classrooms just incase someone came to search the rooms. We walked out of the school together and flagged down an oncoming yellow taxi cab; before we entered the cab, we asked what the price for him was to take us to racing park. He then said, …show more content…
At that time it seemed like a great idea but it really wasn’t. We were dancing to the different types of music which included rock, indie and jazz. After nearly two hours of drinking, it was now after 6pm. After that ordeal, everything else was fuzzy, I do not remember going back to the school neither do I remember how I got home. The very next day, I woke up with a buzzing headache, my mother handed me two advil tablets and a glass of orange juice. I went to class like normal, and wrote my mathematics exam. My father called me over at the house after school and lectured me about what took place and my mother wanted to ground but I was a straight A student, therefore, nothing came of that punishment. My grounding lasted for a week since I usually spended time between home and classes. I did learn my lesson but that did not stop me from going

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