Personal Narrative Essay: Coming Together

Coming Together We had always traveled together. My family, and two others. This was the year 2012, middle of December. My uncle and his kids decided to drive to Mexico a few days before us. His kids had come out of school and we still had finals. They left December 14. It takes 3 full days to drive all the way to Michoacán Mexico, where our family lives. Every night they would call and let us know where they were going to ensure that they were fine and getting closer. A few nights before we left to Mexico, we got an abrupt call. It was around 10 at night and it 's very unusual to get a call at that time. My father answered, I knew something was wrong just by the look on his face. He walked to his room and began grabbing clothes and putting it in a bag nearby. Confused and scared, I tried to figure out he was talking to. As soon as my dad hanged up, I asked what had happen. He said, "Tu Tio Rosalio y los niños estuvieron en un accidente"(Your uncle and his kids were in a car accident) He said all his without even looking at me. I stayed standing and didn 't say anything. I tried to move or cry but no reaction came out. I felt useless. How could God allow this to happen? Why? I didn 't know what to say or do so I walked over …show more content…
Ismael and Enrique were born December 22, 2000. Their mother had died December 24, 2000. The car accident had happened near those dates and in fact, Ismael was buried one day before his 12th birthday. Now that I look at it I see why. God had planned this all out. My aunt, Olivia has been living in heaven for 11 years without seeing any of her kids. She had left them here without a choice. This year God was giving her a present that would bring her joy, but to others pain. The present was her son. The present was not only for her but also for him. Ismael had been here without a mom and being able to live the rest of his life with her is more than what is

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